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Fredrik Johansson
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Rickard Larsson
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The Profoto A1 might be the smallest flash Profoto ever made, but it’s still built to the same impossibly high standards they set

for themselves over the last fifty years.

The focus with the A1 was to create a flash that delivers a truly high quality of light, which is why it features a round head which

delivers light that’s both natural and beautiful with a pleasing soft-smooth fall-off, that blends seamlessly with the ambient light.

Thanks to a smart magnetic mount built into the head, light shaping tools and modifiers can be clicked on and off quickly

and easily.

Within seconds you’re being creative with light, shaping it. It also has a zoom function that allows you to make fine adjustments to

the spread of light by simply twisting the zoom ring on the head, and for accuracy it has a modeling light built-in to the head –

so you can see what you’re going to get before you press the shutter.

Profoto´s  mission is to make A1 the first on-camera flash that’s easy to use from the box.

The user interface is simple and intuitive with a large high-contrast display at its center.

The less time you spend learning and fiddling, the more time you’ll spendshooting. And that’s ultimately what counts.

Despite its size, or lack of it, the A1 punches above its weight in a good number of key areas.

Battery life is key when a photographer is right in the thick of the action, because the last thing they need to have to stop mid flow to change the batteries.

The A1 has its own Li-ion high capacity battery built-in which lasts up to four times longer than AA batteries with no performance fade.

So, you can shoot for longer with confidence.

And this is a flash that can keep up with you because it recycles four times faster than other on-camera solutions – that’s every

1.2 seconds at full power. Put simply, you’ll never miss a shot.

And while it’s true to say that the A1 is Profoto´s  very first oncamera solution it’s also just as effective off-camera as a

standalone unit, and integrated into a larger system of lights.

That level of versatility is possible because Air Remote is built-in, which means the A1 offers seamless connectivity with

freestanding lights like another A1 or bigger Profoto lights like the B1X.

And with AirTTL you’ll get a perfect exposure super-fast. Better still, you can lock the exposure with a single ‘click’ while still

being free to fine tune that exposure in manual, giving you even greater control.

A1 is shooting on the move, shooting with confidence and shooting with light shaping excellence.

This is shooting off-camera andfor the first time with Profoto, on-camera.

This is the Profoto A1 –the world’s smallest studio light.


Profoto A1 features.

• Round head with soft, smooth and natural fall off.

• AirTTL and HSS for a beautiful professional image fast.

• Smart magnetic click-on mount for A1 Light Shaping Tools.

• 5 dedicated A1 Light Shaping Tools available.

• LED modeling light integrated to the head.

• Air Remote built-in.

• Rechargeable and exchangeable Li-Ion battery.

• 1.2s recycling time.

• TTL/MAN switch.

• Built in motor-zoom with hand control.

• Auto focus (AF) assist.

• Large Hi-Res display

• Support for Canon, Nikon and later for Sony.


Profoto A1 Tech.specs.

Max energy: 76Ws

Energy range: 9 f-stops (2.0-10)

Energy range HSS: 9 f-stops (2.0-10)

Modeling light type: LED

Battery capacity: Up to 350 full power flashes

Battery charging time: Up to 80 minutes


Tillverkare: Profoto

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