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Fredrik Johansson

Fredrik Johansson
0709 68 87 77

Rickard Larsson

Rickard Larsson
0725 18 88 77

Sensitivity mastered

Meet the α7S II — with ultra-high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, internal 4K movie recording and superior shooting stability.


Expand your expressive freedom

Brilliant features realize what you can imagine

Extend your powers of perception with the new α7S II, for extra sensitivity, wide dynamic range, accurate focusing, and unshakeable stability to shoot with solid assurance.


More dynamic detail

Ultra-high sensitivity, extra-wide dynamic range and improved image processing algorithm deliver high-quality images with spectacular details.


35 mm full-frame Exmor® CMOS sensor

12.2 megapixels, wide ISO and dynamic ranges, and advanced light capture for subtler gradation.


BIONZ X™ image processing engine

Advanced algorithm realizes extra-fine detail with minimal noise in producing stills and movies.


New 14-bit uncompressed RAW format

Now more format options to choose from, for unbeatable quality and range of tonal nuance.


At the forefront of 4K

Now internally records 4K movies in full-frame format featuring full pixel readout3 without pixel binning, and includes an array of advanced movie functions.

4K movies of the foremost quality

Expansive power to express images of fine details with less moiré, jaggies and noise is evident in movies that the α7S II can record internally in 4K full-frame format.


Extra stability for all shooting

Built-in stabilization clarifies every situation

Compensation for five types of camera shake that can blur stills/movies shot handheld matches the camera's great sensitivity so you can use more shutter speed/ISO/aperture settings.


Focus with more finesse

Fast Intelligent AF accelerates speed and precision

With advanced Fast Intelligent AF featuring enhanced accuracy even in the dark and accelerated AF for movie shooting, the α7S II helps to assure that you capture clear stills and movies.


Smarter, sharper focus, segment by segment

With each of nine central AF points divided into 16 segments and noiseless clear images from the sensor, Fast Intelligent AF detects contrast accurately in light as low as EV -4.


Capture more action more clearly and quickly

With an autofocusing system that's twice as fast at movie shooting, the α7S II can clearly capture even moving action with unerring accuracy, efficiency and smoothness.



Antal pixlar: 12.4 MP
Objektivfäste: E (Sony)
Effektivt antal pixlar: 12.2 MP
Kompatibla objektivfästen: E (Sony)
Sensorstorlek: Fullframe
Bredd : 12.67 CM
Djup: 6.03 CM
Antal kryss-typ autofokuspunkter: 169
ISO-känslighet: Max. 409600
Autofokus: Ja
Slutartid: 30sek - 1/8000 sek. Sek.
Serietagning (optimal): 5
Höjd: 9.57 CM
Batteri: NP-FW50 incl.
Blixtsko: Ja
Inbyggd blixt: Nej
Lagringsmedie: SD,SDHC,SDXC,Mikro-SD,Memory stick micro (m2),Memory stick Pro Duo,Memory stick Pro-HG duo
Fjärrkontroll: Optional
LCD-storlek: 3 "
Vikt: 580 G
Quiet silent mode: Ja
Videoupplösning: XAVC S 4K: 3840 x 2160 (30p/100 Mbps, 30p/60 Mbps, 24p/100 Mbps, 24p/60 Mbps); XAVC S HD: 1920 x 1080 (60p/50 Mbps, 30p/50 Mbps, 24p/50 Mbps, 120p/100 Mbps, 120p/60 Mbps); AVCHD: 1920 x 1080 (60p/28 Mbps/PS, 60i/24 Mbps/FX, 60i/17 Mbps/FH, 24p/24 Mbps/FX, 24p/17 Mbps/FH); MP4: 1920 x 1080 (60p/28 Mbps, 30p/16 Mbps), 1280 x 720 (30p/6 Mbps)
Format: JPEG,RAW
Videoformat: XAVC S/AVCHD-format, ver. 2.0-kompatibelt/mp4
HDMI-utgång: Ja, mikro
Mikrofoningång: Ja
Hörlursuttag: Ja
USB-ingång: USB 2.0
Tillverkare: Sony

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