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Marcos Engman

Marcos Engman
0840 83 82 59

Rickard Larsson

Rickard Larsson
0725 18 88 77

Daniel Nilsson

Daniel Nilsson
0733 12 13 41

CRI95+ for A Natural, Pure Color

The Amaran AL-H198C illuminates using top-of-the-line

color rendering CRI95+ LEDs. The color accuracy is perfect

even without PS. This fine color makes it easy to capture the

finer details in color-critical shooting applications.


Intense Illumination

With 198 60-degree-angle LEDs in a compact panel,

this small led video light shines with an 

exceptionally even and stable brightness output of 

up to 3,430lux. It’s a superior tool for shooting interviews

or film, especially in narrow environments where one

may not have the space or time for traditional led video lights. 


Reliable Battery Power

Choose to power your AL-198 with either six AA batteries or any replaceable lithium battery (Sony

 F/FM/QM). Four LEDs clearly display the remaining battery life.

Tillverkare: Aputure
Kategori: LED ljus
CRI: 95
Längd: 15.1 CM
Bredd : 10 CM
Djup: 5.6 CM
Vikt: 325 G
Color temperatur: 5500-3200K

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