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Tomas Hedenström

Tomas Hedenström
070 586 4099

Daniel Nilsson

Daniel Nilsson
0733 12 13 41

Erik Landsberg

Erik Landsberg
0705 443 444


A solid foundation in which all camera movements are integrated. To facilitate packing, front and rear standard can be separated from the optical bench without requiring tools.

The rear standard can be completed with a choice of adapters for virtually every digital back available. To enable the use of a camera body as your digital back, Cambo offer bayonets for most DSLR and Mirrorless cameras on the market.

At the front standard the Actus-MV accepts all lens plates from the vast Actus range. Including medium format adapters, lens plates for X-Shutter lenses and (legacy) leaf shutter lenses. Furthermore, Cambo offer the steadily expanding range of Actar lenses.

  • Geared camera movements
  • Front standard tilt 15º/15º (dual ratio gear)
  • Rear standard tilt 15º/15º
  • Front standard swing 30º/30º
  • Front and Rear Standard Horizontal shift 20mm/20mm
  • Rear Standard Rise/Fall 15mm/15mm
  • Front Standard  Rise/Fall 15mm/15mm
  • Friction knobs on camera movements
  • Dual ratio gear for fine focussing
Tillverkare: Cambo
Kategori: Technical camera

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