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Small, powerful and cordless, the ELM8 is the most versatile continuous LED light on the market.

Fully integrated with Elinchrom’s unique system and light shaping tools makes the ELM8 the perfect match for your existing lighting kit.

Capture What You See

Whatever your level of lighting expertise, the ELM8 is a powerful and intuitive solution allowing you to master your lighting setup effortlessly in no time. Now, experience a real-time preview of how your subject will look.

Shoot Cordless

With its rugged and compact design, the ELM8 allows you the freedom to shoot anywhere, anytime and in any weather conditions. And with no power cord to plug, you’re ready at a moment’s notice.

Portable Power

With an outstanding light output of 8000 lumens, the ELM8 provides a consistent, beautiful beam with precise color, making it the ideal light for photo & video creators demanding minimal weight with remarkable power.

Shape & Control Your Light

Extend the use of your gear and benefit from Elinchrom’s unique light-shaping accessories. Make adjustments to your lighting setup from behind your camera thanks to the Elinchrom Remote Control.



  • CRI 93 (Colour Rendering Index)
  • TLCI 94 (Television Lighting Consistency Index)
  • Color Temp 5600 K
  • LUX (w/Fresnel) 16320 at 1 m
  • Fl-1 Standard
  • Light Output 8000 lumens
  • Native Beam Angle 120°
  • Water Resistance IP54
  • Impact Resistance 1 m
  • Runtime 50-245 min
  • Weight 1.2 Kg (2.645 lbs)
  • Charge Time 2 hrs (full charge)
  • Remote Distance Range: 100 m
  • Size (L x W x H cm) 20.5 x 9.6 x 9.6 (with battery)


Remote Control

  • Distance Range up to 100 m
Tillverkare: Elinchrom
Kategori: LED ljus
CRI: 93
Ljusstyrka: Light Output - 8000 Lumens
Vikt: 1200 G
Color temperatur: Color Temp - 5600 K

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