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The DAYLED 1000 DUAL COLOR units are the revolutionary LED fixture with Fresnel lens and with high color rendering and high luminous efficiency.


Powered by a variable color temperature COB LED of just 110W they generate a luminous output equivalent to approximately 1000W. The precise mechanism with Fresnel lens which they are equipped with, allows to control the light beam from spot to flood to adapt to the different shooting needs.


The DAYLED 1000 DUAL COLOR, thanks to the unique LED COB technology “True colors”, has a perfect color rendering, with a cast-free beam. This fundamental and exclusive feature enables to avoid post-production interventions and allows a correct mixing with other light sources (like the sunlight).


The fixture can be set continuously to any color temperature from 3200 °K to 5600 °K rotating the knob, according to the needs of the different shooting condition.


The luminous intensity and the color temperature of DAYLED 1000 DUAL COLOR can be adjusted by the local Dimmer, placed on board the illuminator or remotely via DMX control.


In the manual adjustment, the digital display in the fixture allows to visualize the luminous intensity and color temperature at which the light is set.


The DAYLED 1000 DUAL COLOR can be powered by mains or with light and compact Li-ion batteries.


The extreme lightweight (just 3.5 kg weight), along with the possibility to be powered with battery and to vary the color temperature according to the needs of the different shooting conditions, make them particularly versatile and suitable for different types of photo and video shooting: ceremony, portraiture, fashion, decor and still life.


Technical data:


  • 110W variable CCT COB LED with ‘True colors’ technology
  • High color rendering index CRI>92
  • High TlCI value (between 92 and 97)
  • Frenel lens: 150 mm
  • Color temperature: variable from 5600°K or 3200°K
  • Light output: equivalent to about 1000W
  • Super lightweight, compact and easy to handle (carbon fiber material, weight only 3.5 kg)
  • Dimensions: 210x260x230 mm
  • Power with battery or on mains
  • Heat-free
  • Continuously dimmable from 0 to 100% without variation of color temperature
  • Flicker Free Technology
  • Temperature detection LED sensor
  • Built-in DMX control
  • Instant restrike
  • Barn doors: 4 rotating included
  • Long life of LEDs
Tillverkare: Lupo Light
Kategori: LED ljus
CRI: 92
Längd: 21 CM
Bredd : 26 CM
Djup: 23 CM
Vikt: 3500 G
Color temperatur: Justerbar fra 5600K - 3200K

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