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Angelbird Micro SD AV PRO (V30) 512GB

  • microSDXC | UHS-I | U3 | Class 10 | V30 | A2
  • Read Speed 100 MB/s / Write Speed 90 MB/s
  • Full HD, 4K, and 6K Video/Photo
  • Faster App Loading Extended Performance

Engineered for rugged durability in harsh production environments, this microSD UHS-I V30 card supports drone and action cams shots in full HD, 4K, and 6K with write speed up to 90 MB/s.
Angelbird’s Stable Stream recording technology ensures that image quality is captured consistently throughout the entire capacity of the microSD card.
The card is qualified for popular drone and action cameras from GoPro, Insta360 to DJI.
Beyond creative production, cards offer an extra storage in up to 512 GB for your Android tablets and smartphones, dash and security cameras, or Nintendo Switch gaming consoles.
The A2 card rating adds processing muscle for faster app loading and extended performance on your tablet or smartphone.

Sustained Write Speed

For sustained video and photo production with drones and action cameras in up to 6K with a minimum write speed of 80 MB/s throughout the capacity of the card.

A2 Rating

The card’s A2 rating supports tablets and smartphones with faster app loading and better app performance.

Included Adapter

Includes microSD-to-SD UHS-II Adapter with integrated Write-Protect Switch.

Stable Stream

Stable Stream technology delivers optimal speed, performance and reliability for stable and smooth production results.

Rock-solid Build Quality

Built for and tested in harsh conditions. Card data is protected from shock, x-ray, moisture, and extreme temperatures.

3 Year Limited Warranty

Activate your product benefits within 30 days of purchase and receive 3-year limited warranty including individualized customer service, technical support and free data recovery service on hard- and software level provided by the Angelbird tech team in Austria.


Tillverkare Angelbird
Kategori Kort
Card type Micro SD
Memory 512 GB
Speed 90 MB/S