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Cambo WRS-5005 Wide RS Body Wooden Grip

A versatile technical camera offering both an apt range of movements and a portable form factor, the WRS-5005 from Cambo is a view camera designed for use with WTS/WDS lens panels as well as SLW rear digital back interface adapters. Well-suited for handheld shooting, this version of the camera is fitted with ergonomic ebony handgrips for comfortable, stable shooting.

Conversely, a removable tripod mount is also featured for more controlled shooting, and geared vertical and lateral shift movements are possible via the large steel drive knobs. Five built-in spirit levels further benefit more precise shooting, as well as printed index scales for making repeatable movements and a weight compensation mechanism for more fluid movements.

The top of the camera also features a two-point accessory mount plate for attaching an optional viewfinder, iPhone holder, compendium shade, or shoe mount. Balancing a sleek size with deft control, this camera affords a versatile feature-set for precise image-making needs.

Camera Movements:

Using accelerated spindle geared movements, driven by extra-large stainless steel drive knobs, this camera affords a range of vertical and lateral shift movements:

  • Shift: +/- 22.5mm
  • Rise: 25mm
  • Fall: 15mm

Additionally, this Wide RS camera is also compatible with WTS lens panels to gain tilt and swing adjustment on the lens plane for more control over focus and depth of field.

Camera Features:

  • Compact, lightweight body is constructed from aluminum alloy
  • Two ebony handgrips are included for more comfortable and stable handheld use
  • Top two-point accessory mount plate supports the Wide accessory system, allowing for the attachment of an optional optical viewfinder, iPhone holder, accessory shoe, or compendium shade
  • Removable tripod mount with 3/8"-16 socket
  • Five built-in spirit levels are featured to help achieve level images regardless of the shooting orientation
  • Removable cable release is included
  • Included LED light module can be magnetically attached beneath the top accessory plate to illuminate the focus helicoid, aperture ring, and shutter speeds for easier adjustment when working in low-light conditions
  • Weight compensation mechanism benefits applying shifts in a smooth, seamless manner
  • Compatible with SLW rear interface places for working with a range of digital back types
  • Also compatible with the WRS-1068 Roll Film Adapter for working with a Mamiya RB67 roll film back
  • Supports both WTS and WDS lens plate types


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