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NiSi Swift System Circular Polarizer True Color Pro Nano - 49mm

  • Designed for use with NiSi Swift System
  • True-to-life Color Reproduction
  • New True Color film added to the optical glass for high color fidelity
  • High Definition
  • Cine Sealed Technology
  • Low Reflectivity
  • Nano coating, waterproof and anti-reflective coating
  • Use with NiSi Swift System adapter ring or add on to the NiSi True color VND 1-5 stops

NiSi Swift Polarizer True Color Pro Nano CPL – For Swift System – Nano Coating with Optical Glass

The NiSi Swift Polarizer True Color Pro Nano CPL for True Color VND and Swift System is the latest innovation in Circular Polarizer technology and delivers unprecedented, high definition, true-to-life color reproduction and low reflectivity. By comparison to the NiSi Landscape Enhance polarizer which delivers color enhancement, vital to landscape photography and videography – the NiSi Natural CPL is for situations where precise color reproduction is important.

The NiSi Swift System works seamlessly with the NiSi True Color 1-5 stop VND Variable ND filter allowing the capability to be expanded by adding extra filters simply by pressing them on the front of the NiSi True Color 1-5 stop VND Variable ND filter.

This filter is not threaded on the lens side, as NiSi created a new Push to Fit system in order to adapt easily and “swift” the NiSi Swift True Color Pro Nano CPL to your TRUE COLOR ND-VARIO 1-5stops (0.3-1.5). Or stacking it together with the True Color ND16 4 stops, or using it by itself with the optional adapter ring for the Swift System.

NiSi Pro Nano Coating

The NiSi True Color Nano Pro CPL is manufactured to the same high standard for which NiSi are renowned. It benefits from the patented Pro Nano® coating on both sides delivering a waterproof, oil-resistant barrier. The Pro Nano coating allows for easy removal of dust, fingerprints and water staining.

Cine Sealed technology

The NiSi True Color Nano Pro CPL also has NiSi Cine Sealing technology offering superior protection, compared to traditional black sealed filters. This technology reduces the influence of temperature fluctuations, keeps out condensation and protects the filter from unwanted flare and reflections.

NiSi Optical Glass

NiSi filters are all made of the highest quality lens grade optical glass, which has a higher transmittance than standard optical glass such as B270 and much higher than resin. This ensures that no detail is lost in your images. As we are the only manufacturer to use lens grade optical glass for our filters, there are no comparable quality filters on the market.


Tillverkare Nisi
Kategori Filter
Filter effect Circular Polarization
Filter diameter 49 mm