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Infinite possibilities in pristine color

The 101-megapixel Trichromatic sensor, designed with focus on the capture of pristine and nuanced color, sets the standard for digital color capture. It is capable of replicating, closer than ever, the color definition that the human eye sees. Built on the Infinity Platform with Capture One Inside, the XF IQ4 100MP Trichromatic Camera System offers workflow flexibility while enabling infinite creative possibilities in pristine color. 

Trichromatic Sensor

The 101-megapixel Trichromatic sensor, designed with focus on the capture of pristine and nuanced color, sets the standard for digital color capture. It is capable of replicating, closer than ever, the color definition that the human eye sees.

The color filter array of the Trichromatic sensor has been painstakingly designed to pick up exactly the right wavelength of light that allows us to get the most color nuances in the most natural way possible. This means that the sensor captures fully saturated colors, and can capture every shade of blue, green, and red exactly as the scene reveals itself. The uncompromised nature of the color rendering from the sensor in the Trichromatic results in a RAW image that closely reflects what the human eye sees straight out of the camera, and leaves the color possibilities for creative editing wide open.

What is the effect of the Trichromatic?

The Trichromatic doesn't just render colors with more depth and more nuances. The Trichromatic gives a better performance at lower ISO with cleaner signals, without sacrificing anything at the higher ISO.

Pristine Color

With standard pixel color filtration (pictured), one is able to quickly fill the pixel well. However, that value is much less accurate as it contains unwanted and impure color information. 
With a better color filter array, shown in the example, the Trichromatic is able to use the full potential of the pixel well to capture only the pure and wanted color data. This provides for maximum color saturation values to be captured at a sensor level while still maintaining complete luminance detail.

Base ISO 35

The Trichromatic color filter array is a more efficient utilization of the electron wells in each individual pixel. As the pixel no longer has to compromise by capturing impure color information, we are able to further tune the sensor to its maximum efficiency and achieve a lower base ISO setting (ISO 35).

High ISO Performance

Traditional sensor manufacturers might view having less color filtration as a way to improve sensor sensitivity and thus achieve higher ISO performance. However, this is somewhat of a paradox as most of the extra sensitivity gained ends up being reduced again in color processing, leaving only the drawbacks of that compromise.

Purple Fringing

Purple fringing is described as an out-of-focus magenta “ghost” that can appear as a coloring and lightening of dark edges next to areas of bright illumination, resulting in a purple anomaly and a loss of edge contrast. This is caused by a combination of many factors in digital photography, both from the optics and sensor. Precision optics, optical UV coatings, and software algorithms can mitigate purple fringing, but its effects in compromised edge contrast will always be a factor unless addressed at a sensor level. The Trichromatic has a significantly higher resistance to purple fringing owing to cleaner color separation. 

Built on the Infinity Platform

At the core of the IQ4 is the Infinity Platform, which lays a new foundation for image quality advancement, workflow optimization and feature development. The Infinity Platform is built to grow, expand and adapt, allowing Phase One engineers to explore new possibilities in digital imaging and deliver a steady stream of new innovations to ensure you are able to perform at the highest professional level now and well into the future.

Capture One Inside

The cutting-edge RAW editing core of Capture One has been directly integrated in the Infinity Platform, providing advanced control within preview and image settings, and opening the door for future customization of the RAW file at the time of capture. Capture One Inside ensures the most efficient and controlled capture workflow, bringing the capture and post-capture workflows closer together than ever before.

Today, Capture One Inside delivers: 

  • IIQ RAW file "Style" integration
  • JPEG processing in-camera
  • Improved image quality and preview performance
  • Improved Live View, faster frame rates, new tools

Full Frame Medium Format

The full frame medium format sensors found in XF IQ4 Camera Systems, 1.5x the size of crop sensor mirrorless medium format, allow you to capture more data, providing more detail and impressive results so that you can achieve your creative vision straight out of the camera. With the expanded output flexibility provided by the high resolution and up to 15 stops of dynamic range, your workflow options grow exponentially.

Future-Proof Tethering Options

Attuned to the professional workflow, multiple tethering options capable of handling the high bandwidth are included in the IQ4 – Ethernet, USB-C and Wireless. All tethering and local storage options can be combined and customized to address your specific workflow needs.

Wireless tethering can be used to transfer RAW files to Capture One in addition to storing them in-camera. This solution can be used as a backup or as part of a custom workflow. 

Ethernet grants the potential for a fully customized, integrated and dynamic workflow, providing the potential to capture into or through any Ethernet supported device. In addition, the long cable lengths and power provided via Ethernet eliminates workflow concerns surrounding battery power or cable length.

USB-C provides a standard port type for convenient tethering on a wide variety of common devices. USB-C also delivers multiple power integration options. 

Ethernet and USB-C allow data transfer and system integration with no additional accessories necessary – transfer from local storage to any host without removing the card. And with a variety of cable lengths available, both Ethernet and USB-C can be exactly configured to suit your workflow needs.


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