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Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro 12K

  • 12K super 35 HDR CMOS sensor
  • 12K 17:9 at 60 fps / 12K 2.4:1 at 75 fps / DCI 8K at 120 fps
  • 14 Stops dynamic range
  • Swappable PL lens mount
  • 80mp resolution per frame Blackmagic Raw
  • Dual CFast 2.0, SD card recording and USB Type-C recording to SSD

Introducing the World’s Most Advanced Digital Film Camera!

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K is a revolution in digital film with a 12,288 x 6480 12K Super 35 sensor and 14 stops of dynamic range, built into the award winning URSA Mini body. The combination of 80 megapixels per frame, new color science and the flexibility of Blackmagic RAW makes working with 12K a reality. Oversampling from 12K gives you the best 8K and 4K images with the subtle skin tones and extraordinary detail of high end still cameras. You can shoot at 60 fps in 12K, 120 fps in 8K and up to 240 fps in 4K Super 16. URSA Mini Pro 12K features an interchangeable PL mount, as well as built in ND filters, dual CFast and UHS-II SD card recorders, a SuperSpeed USB-C expansion port and more. DaVinci Resolve Studio is included for creative control through post from editing to color, VFX and more!

Digital Film, Extreme Resolution

URSA Mini Pro 12K’s extreme resolution goes well beyond traditional motion picture film! You get the benefits of shooting with film including incredible detail, wide dynamic range and rich, deep color. Perfect for feature films, episodic television and immersive, large format IMAX. The incredible definition around objects makes it ideal for working with green screen and VFX including compositing live action and CGI. Super sampling at 12K means you not only get better color and resolution at 8K, but also a smoothness that comes from making aliasing invisible. This new generation of digital film technology ushers in an analog style purity and subtlety to deliver a better than film experience.

Cinematic Super 35 12K Sensor

The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K features a revolutionary new sensor with a native resolution of 12,288 x 6480, which is an incredible 80 megapixels per frame! The Super 35 sensor has a superb 14 stops of dynamic range and a native ISO of 800. The new 12K sensor has equal amounts of red, green and blue pixels and is optimized for images at multiple resolutions. You can shoot 12K at 60 fps or use in-sensor scaling to allow 8K or 4K RAW at up to 120 fps without cropping or changing your field of view. URSA Mini Pro’s interchangeable lens mount lets you choose from the widest range of vintage and modern cinema lenses, so you can capture every ounce of character and detail from your favorite optics.

Shoot in 12K, Edit on a Laptop

The URSA Mini Pro 12K sensor and Blackmagic RAW were designed together to make 12 bit RAW workflows in 12K effortless. As an incredibly efficient next generation codec Blackmagic RAW lets you shoot 12K and edit on a laptop, a capability that simply isn’t possible with other codecs. The massive resolution of the sensor means you can reframe shots in post for delivery in 8K and 4K. It’s like a multi camera shoot with only one camera. And it’s perfect for great looking vertical and square video, too. The advanced design of the sensor and Blackmagic RAW means that you can work in any resolution in post production instantly, without rendering, while retaining the full sensor’s color accuracy.

BlackmagicRAW Fueled Image Capture

Only Blackmagic RAW makes cinema quality 12‑bit, 80 megapixel images at up to 60 frames a reality! Constant quality Q0 and Q5 options and new Q1 and Q3 lock the quality level, allowing compression to adapt, matching the detail of the scene. Constant bitrate encoding options 5:1, 8:1, 12:1 and the new 18:1 are designed to give you the best possible images with predictable and consistent file size. You can record RAW to two cards simultaneously so you can shoot 12K or 8K to either CFast or UHS‑II cards, even at high frame rates! Blackmagic RAW stores camera metadata, lens data, white balance, digital slate information and custom LUTs to ensure consistency of image on set and through post production.

Optimizedfor Fast Flexible Post Production

Shooting RAW in 12K preserves the deepest control of detail, exposure and color during post. Oversampling means you get extremely sharp 8K without harsh edges. Best of all, Blackmagic RAW is designed to accelerate 12K for post production, making it as easy to work with as standard HD or Ultra HD files. It is highly optimized, multi‑threaded, works across multiple CPU cores and is also GPU accelerated to work with Apple Metal, CUDA and OpenCL. So you can always work with your camera RAW files without having to make proxies. Blackmagic RAW 12K images provide unprecedented resolution and quality for color, keying, compositing, reframing, stabilization and tracking in 4K or 8K.

URSA Mini Pro 12K

Featuring a revolutionary 12,288 x 6,480 Super 35mm sensor with PL mount as standard, the URSA Mini Pro 12K has extra resolution for high end production. With a massive 80 megapixels per frame at 60fps in RAW, you can capture perfect stills and motion shots in a single camera! URSA Mini Pro 12K also includes a SuperSpeed USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 expansion port for recording to incredibly fast NVMe SSDs.

In the Box:

  • Blackmagic Ursa Pro 12K Body
  • Turret dust cap
  • PL lens mount
  • Power supply
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio activation key


Tillverkare Blackmagic
Kategori Video kamera
Objektivfäste PL (Possitive Lock)
Kompatibla objektivfästen PL (Positive Lock)
Antal pixlar 80 MP
Effektivt antal pixlar 79.6 MP
ISO-känslighet 125 - 3200 / Native: 800
Autofokus Ja
Sensorstorlek Super 35
Batteri V-mount / 4 pin XLR
Bredd 14.91 CM
Djup 23.37 CM
Höjd 15.04 CM
Vikt 2550 G
LCD-storlek 4 "
Touchskärm Ja
Lagringsmedie C-Fast,SDXC
Videoupplösning 12288 x 6480 (12K DCI) / 11520 x 6480 (12K 16:9) / 12288 x 5112 (12K 2.4:1) / 7680 x 6408 (12K anamorphic) / 8192 x 4320 (8K DCI) / 7680 x 4320 (8K 16:9) / 8192 x 3408 (8K 2.4:1) / 5120 x 4272 (8K anamorphic) / 6144 x 3240 (6K Super16) / 4096 x 2160 (4K Super16) / 4096 x 2160 (4K DCI) / 3840 x 2160 (4K 16:9) / 4096 x 1704 (4K 2.4:1) / 2560 x 2136 (4K anamorphic) / 12K 17:9 full sensor up to 60 fps / 12K 2.4:1 up to 75 fps / 8K DCI full sensor up to 120 fps / 4K DCI full sensor up to 120 fps / 8K 2.4:1 and 4K 2.4:1 up to 160 fps
Videoformat Blackmagic RAW Constant Bitrate 5:1 Blackmagic RAW Constant Bitrate 8:1 Blackmagic RAW Constant Bitrate 12:1 Blackmagic RAW Constant Bitrate 18:1 Blackmagic RAW Constant Quality Q0 Blackmagic RAW Constant Quality Q1 Blackmagic RAW Constant Quality Q3 Blackmagic RAW Constant Quality Q5
Mikrofoningång Ja
Hörlursuttag Ja
USB-ingång USB-C (3.1)
Inspelningshastighet 12K 17:9 up to 60fps, 8K DCI up to 120fps
Inbyggt filter Ja
Inbyggd mikrofon Ja