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V-RAPTOR [X] 8K VV combines the strengths of RED's two families of cameras into one powerful all-purpose workhorse.
The frame rates, lowlight performance, and resolution of the V-RAPTOR line combined with the global shutter advancements of KOMODO, the V-RAPTOR [X] 8K VV sensor is the culmination of the latest advancements in digital cinema image making.
Using RED's newest 8K VV sensor, V-RAPTOR [X] leverages the benefits and flexibility of large format, global shutter, high framerate, 8K acquisition, all inside of a compact and feature rich body weighing just over 41bs.

The New Standard

V-RAPTOR [X] is the first large format global shutter camera available. It is built off the same keystone features found in the original V-RAPTOR, such as 2x 12G SDl's capable of unique monitoring views, a locking Canon RF style lens mount for rigid and flexible lens selection, and CFexpress Type B media for up to 800MB/s formats such as 8K 120P.
In addition, improved in-camera audio pre-amps as well as a redesigned sensor cavity designed to mitigate stray light and improve contrast performance only further builds upon the V-RAPTOR legacy.

  • Sensor Type: V-RAPTOR [X] 8K VV 35.4MP Global Shutter CMOS
  • Max Resolution: 8192 x 4320 120fps (4K 240fps)
  • Codec: 16bit REDCODE RAW and/or ProRes
  • Default Data Rate: 1 Hour ≈ 1,123GB
  • Specialty: Global Shutter and High Frame Rates
  • Pixel Pitch: 5 Microns

Large Format Global Shutter

Unparalleled low-light performance, frame rates, resolution, and dynamic range now with the added benefits of a global shutter. Capture every movement, flash, and burst, without any compromise in image quality, dynamic range, or flexibility in post. Faithfully capture the motion of your action no matter how fast your subject is moving, with no distortion or jello-effect.

Extended Highlight Protection

Reach 3+ stops deeper into the brightest highlights to retain even more color and detail.

Phantom Track Dual Capture

Capture final pixel and green screen simultaneously from a single V-RAPTOR [X]. Streamline the on-set workflow by distinctly monitoring each Phantom Track independently. Phantom Track dual-capture streamlines any virtual production environment employing GhostFrame™ or frame-remapping, capturing distinct R3D clips per each sub-frame slice, as well as allowing for monitoring of either slice live on-set over each SDI.

17+ Stops of Dynamic Range

Leverage the industry-best low-light performance of the 8K VV sensor and unlock even more dynamic range with Extended Highlights mode. Where other global shutter cameras sacrifice dynamic range, RED’s internal sensor development has continued to push the boundaries and created the global shutter V-RAPTOR [X] sensor, maintaining the impressive 17+ stops of dynamic range from original V-RAPTOR 8K VV.

Intelligent Focus

In-camera processing and on-sensor enhanced phase detect autofocus, plus all-new face-detection offers versatility and confidence for users across all levels of filmmaking.

Frame Rates

8K: RED shooters can rest easy knowing they are capturing the best 8K image possible, at 16-bit RAW, with unmatched framerates while future-proofing their content.

  • 120FPS at 17:9
  • 150FPS at 2.4:1

6K: Capture 6K for unmatched lensing options and the ability to make the right creative choices for a project without compromise.

  • 160FPS at 17:9
  • 200FPS at 2.4:1

4K: When creators shoot the most advanced sensor possible, they not only get the most organic image quality, but maximize the potential for delivery in multiple applications.

  • 240FPS at 17:9
  • 300FPS at 2.4:1

2K: Take advantage of maximum framerate performance and maintain the ability to upscale to a 4K delivery with superior image quality.

  • 480FPS at 17:9
  • 600FPS at 2.4:1

Up to 120FPS @ 8K

With unmatched frame-rate performance in a cinema camera, shooters can leverage elements like timelapse, speed-ramping, or pull ultra-sharp stills.

Integrated Control Display

Easy to navigate and intuitive. Allowing for comprehensive controls, including in-camera format selections, customized buttons, and more.

Small Form Factor

At 6” x 4.25” x 4.25” and just over 4 lbs, the standard V-RAPTOR body allows for tremendous flexibility and usability in any shooting environment.

All-New Audio Architecture

Newly engineered audio hardware provides cleaner and clearer audio when connecting external microphones.

Global Vision

V-RAPTOR [X] 8K VV is pushed to new limits with the introduction of RED Global Vision, a new suite of tools that use the global shutter sensor to provide even more flexibility and ease of use throughout the production process.
Global Vision's Extended Highlights allows the camera to see even further into highlight detail, providing more detail for HOR finishes, or safter and more subtle highlight roll-off for SDR. RED Global Vision also includes Phantom Track to streamline any Virtual Production environment employing GhostFrameTM or Frame Remapping, capturing distinct R3D clips per each sub-frame slice, as well as allowina for monitorina of either slice live an-set over each SDI.

IP Connected

Additionally, the V-RAPTOR [X] and the DSMC3 platform features advanced connectivity solutions which enable applications such as remote control and monitoring, in-camera integration, AVS direct upload. RED Connect for live 8K R3D video over IP or live 4K over SMPTE ST 2110. and more.

In the Box:

  • 1 x V-RAPTOR [X] 8K VV Camera System
  • 1x RED Logo Sticker
  • 1 x Mini World Travel Adaptor Kit
  • 1 x DSMC AC Power Adaptor Pack 150W V-RAPTOR [X] Information Card (incl. registration and support info)
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty


Tillverkare RED
Kategori Video kamera
Objektivfäste RF (Canon)
Antal pixlar 354 MP
Autofokus Ja
Sensorstorlek Large format 21,6mm x 40,96mm
Batteri V-Mount
Bredd 14.9 CM
Djup 11.5 CM
Höjd 10.8 CM
Vikt 1827 G
LCD-storlek 2.4 "
Lagringsmedie CFexpress Type B
Videoupplösning 8192 x 4320 4096 x 2160 2048 x 1080
Videoformat REDCODE RAW, HQ, MQ, LQ, ELQ,ProRes 4444 XQ, ProRes 4444, ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422, ProRes 422 LT
Mikrofoningång Ja
Hörlursuttag Ja
USB-ingång USB-C 3.2
Inspelningshastighet 8K: 120FPS at 17:9, 150FPS at 2.4:1 / 6K: 160FPS at 17:9, 200FPS at 2.4:1 / 4K: 240FPS at 17:9, 300FPS at 2.4:1 / 2K: 480FPS at 17:9, 600FPS at 2.4:1
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