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Nisi Swift System VND Kit - 67mm

Look no further than the NiSi Swift True Color VND Kit 1-9 stops (1-5 Stops VND + 4 Stop ND).
This innovative system allows you to simply press additional filters onto the front of your VND, giving you the ability to reduce exposure by 1-9 stops.
The True Color VND offers great control over exposure settings, allowing you to reduce shutter speeds and use wider apertures for those stunning shots. Plus, with its true color result that avoids color shift, you’ll be able to take pictures in any condition – bright and sunny or dark and dreary.
The Swift System also comes with an exposure range-control filter ring with hard stops at each end, so you can easily dial in your desired effect.
With its high definition optical glass, nano-coating, True Color result that avoids color shift seen in other Variable filters and no “X” effect, this ND filter is sure to give you the results you desire.  
The NiSi Swift True Color VND Kit 1-9 stops (1-5 Stops VND + 4 Stop ND) includes a NiSi True Color 1-5 Stop VND and an ND16 (4 Stop) ND that can be combined to cover a range of 1-9 stops, making this one of the most versatile variable ND kits on the market.
There’s no vignetting at 18mm when stacking both included filters. Vignetting may occur at wider focal lengths.

This kit includes:

  • 1 x NiSi True Color VND 1-5 stops filter
  • 1 x NiSi Filter Swift System ND16 (4 Stop)
  • 1 x Front protection
  • 1 x Bag to store your filters in


Tillverkare Nisi
Kategori Filter
Filter type Kit
Filter effect Variable ND
Filter diameter 67 mm